To Save a Life

Jaanai G

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As kids our dream is to grow up and drive. Children consider driving as a big accomplishment in life and they feel like driving is the best thing that will ever happen to them. Although being able to drive is a big accomplishment in life, it is also a priviledge that needs to be earned and taken well care of. Sadly every year thousands of teens loose their lifes behind the wheel because of texting and driving. This is a major worldwide problem that needs to be stopped. The main solution to this problem would involve the use of integrity, if we were always doing right even when no one was watching bad things wouldn’t happen to us and lots of accidents could be avoided. The thing is that not everyone practices the use of integrity, and there are some other means we have to use to avoid the use of ones phone while driving. One thing that could be done would be to create an app that recognizes when you get on a car and pay you for not using your phone at all while driving. The is currently an app called Sweatcoin that pays you for walking and like wise there could be an app like that for people to not text an drive. Whenever money is put into the picture people will do anything to get free money and not texting and driving is such an easy task to accomplish and get money for. While the use of integrity will not work for everybody, the use of money will. By getting into road accidents we hurt innocent poeple and damage our reputation at a very young age, but by not using our phones we are becoming better people for always doing what is right and by being able to save lifes.