Highway of Regret

Karisma S

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My deadly demolition… The final grade to my report card of life… the last ride of the day… I call it many things, just to contemplate what I have been through. I was taking the typical drive towards school, I was running late, so I took advantage of the non-crowded freeway. It was going so smoothly, and I was going to get there in a few minutes before class started, but I figured that the feeling of being on time would have to wait when I suddenly heard the notifications buzzing and ringing from my phone laying on my lap. What could it be? A new text message? A new follower on social media? An important email? Perhaps even a call was present… I figured it would be nothing to important, but the feeling of what is unknown kept eating me up slowly. “It will just be a small check,” I thought to myself. Without hesitation, I picked it up just to check out what was waiting for me. There were a few calls made, I even managed to respond to some messages, but the final one that I was trying to send was just not responding. How frustrating, how headache inducing, it bothered me greatly that I had to send the whole message all over again. It buffered, it loaded, nothing was responding due to my low connections… And those were my last minutes of life until I realized the regret I had made right when it started to arise… And then it happened… it was all so sudden that I couldn’t process what was I was seeing, hearing, or feeling, all I could do was let it happen once I knew I couldn’t do anything about it… The glass puncturing my skin like ten billion needles, they land everywhere on me with no mercy. The whole car lost its balance once the multiple collisions kept me going without a chance to think. It was to late for me to go back, it wasn’t what I wanted, I use to joke about it too, but it wasn’t funny once it actually happened. I heard the screaming coming from outside, layered over the head breaking impacts of nothingness into my own oblivion, but unheard of from the people that felt nothing behind the phone. When was the final stretch of that pain? Or was I just embracing the agony that consumed me since I decided to check my phone? They were important to me, I couldn’t waste my time doing nothing but just driving… I realized last minute my seatbelt has never hooked up, and that the notifications and ringing from my phone proved to hefty of a job for me to keep my eyes on the road. I could be doing better things now actually, except I am here in the highway of regret with the 13 million other kids like me walking around, missing the life that we once had… Since day one of being here, we all have realized the impact we made, our family and our friends miss us greatly, yet we still sit here waiting patiently for the next victims to arrive… Here in this world, I have been beaten by my fate so early in life. My deadly demolition… The final grade to my report card of life… the last ride of the day… it happens everyday, to the youth of today… It is scary down here… some have no faces, some have no limbs, the atmosphere smells like gasoline splattered on asphalt, and you do nothing but wait for more youth to arrive. Please… it would hurt me to see someone like YOU here with me surrounded by the youth of today bruised and slaughtered living off their once slik-tied tourniquets… Please… Don’t even think about visiting the Highway of Regret. Turn off your phone when driving… please…