The Newest Addiction: Snapchat

Rodolfo S

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It’s like any other typical day on my way home from work with my phone right beside me. I have my Spotify playlist on blast, and I am about five minutes from my home. As I focus on the green light ahead of me, I start hearing the collective bombardment of vibrations from my phone. Instantly, I’m hit with intruding thoughts about my Snapchat notifications as the vibrations seem to get louder. The invading voices in my head start generating pangs of anxiety in the pit of my stomach and my palms begin to sweat. My mind starts to wander and I begin to ask myself, “What if that Snap is too important to miss? What are my friends up to? What’s their location? Are they somewhere fun without me? Will I lose my streaks? Should I respond right now? I know I need to see their stories”. I can almost see the entrance to my neighborhood from here, but can my Snapchat really wait? Yes. However, the urge can not. As I reach and unlock my phone, I realize that what is on my screen has suddenly become more important than what is controlling the wheel. Sadly, that realization comes ten seconds too late as the vibrations suddenly transform into oncoming horn sounds echoing louder and louder until there is no more noise. A whole future can unravel in ten seconds. The increased prevalence of distracted driving is real and unfortunately teens have become the number one victims of fatal car accidents. The risk for an accident increases substantially at any point when there is not a complete focus on the road. A human life is more important than a ten second distraction. However important that notification may seem, it can wait.