It was just Fun

Brandon D

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The wind was rushing through my hair, I still can’t believe I just won this convertable. It was bright red and totally free, I felt so free. It was a long drive home and I was feeling a bit mischeveous, so I decided to push the limits. it was a long flat strip of road, no one was around for miles, no problem. I hit that pedal and took off first 80 then 90, 100…115 and before I knew it I was speeding down the highway at 130 MPH, the wind whiping me so hard I could barely keep my eyes open. I saw my phone light up out of the corner of my eye, I eased my foot up off the pedal and looked down… it was just a glance I swear only 2 or 3 seconds, but going over 100 MPH it was more than long enough even if I was decelerating rapidly. I think I was only going 100 I didn’t see the rock until the last second. I rememeber the wheel jerking out of my hand so fast. Then, darkness. I remember flashing lights and then more darkness. I woke up in a hospital I don’t know when or how I got there, I tried to look around but my head wouldn’t move. My legs, wouldn’t move. My arms, wouldn’t move. I looked around with my eyes I was in a full body cast. I tried to wiggle my fingers and toes pain shot up my left arm and right leg but I couldn’t feel my… wait, where was my left leg? both arms were here but I was missing my left leg. Where was my left leg! i could feel my right arm was there but different. I still dont know where my leg is! I started to panic I started to shake I thought I heard someone screaming but I realized it was me I was screaming but it was muffled by the cast around my face. Darkness. When I came to again there was a nurse sitting in front of me but slightly to the right. She explained to me that i had been in a really bad car accident and I was lucky to be alive, she told me most of my left leg was crushed and they couldnt save it. They almost lost my right arm and there is some nerve damage but it will heal she said. It took a long time to heal most of which I wasn’t awake for… you see my head trauma causes me to black out and I never know how long I’ve been out. I’m going to be in a wheel chair the rest of my life and I have to have a nurse or helper with me at all times in case I blackout. This is my story, this is now my life, don’t text and drive or fool around on the road because all it take is 2 or 3 seconds and your life is completely different or worst it could end.