Reckless Driving Can Lead To A Reckless Life

Britney I

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Texting and Driving has become a nation wide problem. With teens more involved with technology and just beginning to drive just sounds like a mess waiting. Some statistics say one out of every four accidents are caused by texting and driving, and for why? We live in a world that can’t wait to see or hear about the newest gossip, and while that one like on Instagram seems harmless it could mean life or death. It only takes two seconds for your chance of losing control to increase by almost twenty-four times. The effects of texting and driving are far beyond some of our worst nightmares. Sure we have assemblies at school, and they show a little slide show saying “DON’T DO THAT.” In all reality that’s like getting slapped on the hand for something it isn’t gonna stop you. I’ve had a woman come into my school and tell a heart touching story about how she lost not only her friends, but also the use of her entire bottom half. She was a terrific speaker and that is something ill hold with me. She showed pictures of her legs and injuries after the crash. She showed us the crash cite, and spoke how everything was just fine until it wasn’t. This is something that I’d like to get across, and that is we need to experience things in some what of a personal manner for us to be like wow that can happen to me too. Reckless driving is more than just texting and driving it includes; drinking and driving, speeding, distractions in the car, and more. We should remember driving is a privilege and we shouldn’t take it for granted. A few months ago i had a couple friends get in a car accident. The two were both young gentlemen who were speeding on wet pavement. They hydroplaned and flipped 3 times both were thrown from the vehicle due to no seat belt. one walked away with minor scratches while the other suffered severe brain damage and physical damage. This would include lacerations to the liver, crushed vertebrates, a broken arm, broken leg, and collar bone. He was in ICU on life support for almost a month he is on the road for recovery now, but its a long process. All of the previous information is just to inform that reckless driving doesn’t seem that reckless when you are doing it, but there can be some severe consequences. Don’t wait for something to hit home plate before you stop. You never know when you’ll be the one who doesn’t make it out. So think before you drive, “Is it worth it?”