Sensor Stop

Haylee S

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As someone who can not walk and chew gum, I respect my limit and understand that I can not multi-task expertly behind the wheel. When I drive I put my phone it the back seat or turn it on airplane mode. I trust that I can handle myself behind the wheel what scares me is others on the road. I see many kids my age posting on social media while driving on snap chat, Instagram, twitter, etc. We all know that distracted driving kills and young adult will always have that temptation. My proposal is to have a sensor in cars that when you enter the car it will turn of certain capabilities while you are driving like social media and texting. This would remove even the option for distracted driving, eliminating the issue. I don’t have the exact science behind this proposal mapped out by I know this can be done. Thousands of lives would be saved or removed from possible danger. When the car is not in drive the sensors will allow the phone to go back to normal. The sensors would only be around the driver’s seat so others in the car could use their electronics. The system can be installed in all cars and will be automatically installed in new cars. I truly believe that this concept will nearly eliminate the distracted driving epidemic.