Shania D

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They say that your memory is one of the most powerful things you posses. It can be altered, strengthened, weakened and forgotten. Most importantly though it can be haunting. You see I know that somewhere you’ve learned that at least 3 million people per year are involved in a car crash, and that 2 million of those people suffer permanent injuries, and that 40,000 of those people will never see anything to remember ever again. And I know that somewhere you’ve heard that 12 percent of those drivers suffer those consequences because they were distracted. And I know that somewhere you’ve seen, whether it be on the news or in person, the detrimental damage that those mistakes have put on millions of families around the world. Mothers have lost their sons, brothers have lost their sisters, daughters have lost their fathers and friends have lost each other. And I know that all of these facts are stored in your memory. You can pull them out at any moment. Any fraction of a second that you chose to ignore that these consequences could be your actual reality is time that you are choosing to ignore those who love you and time your choosing to ignore the love you should have for yourself. Don’t ignore your most powerful possession. Use is cherish is and want, with all your heart to keep it. One second you chose to not use it the next second you may never have the option to use it ever again.