Tessa M

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It is the first day of their last year of high school. Brooklyn sets her backpack and drumsticks in the back of her car and plugs her phone into the ox cord. She turns on her music, her passion, and sings along, drumming on her steering wheel as she backs out of the driveway. Chase unlocks his car with keys in one hand and his phone in the other. His girlfriend texts him as he drives through his neighborhood. She is already at school, waiting anxiously for him to meet her there. Diana picks up her bagel as she drives down the service road. She had always agreed that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and thought a bagel with strawberry cream cheese was the perfect way to start off her senior year. Lilly daydreamed as she turned onto the busy street. The power of simple combinations of 26 letters had always amazed her. Her mind formed ideas for her newest book. She pieced together a storyline and created characters, excited to arrive at school and turn these thoughts in words. Jaskson slams on his breaks, not seeing the stop sign until last minute. He slams his fist on his steering wheel in frustration. The sudden jerking movement caused him to mess up in his game, almost making him lose the match. He takes the phone backing both hands, trying desperately to redeem himself and win as he drives forwards through the intersection. Tyler wakes up late. He jumps into the car and speeds down the road. When arrives at school, his classmates are gathered in the hallways, hugging each other and crying. Tyler survives distracted driving, but his friends do not. A song, a text, a bagel, a book, and a game are all left unfinished. Your story, however, continues. Don’t allow a distraction to end your life.