Lol Ily!

Sierra M


Shattered glass. Crash. It litters the ground. Sirens all around, And what have they found? You. “I didn’t mean it!” And yet, How could you’ve? Because there lies a mother, Covered in her child’s blood. You. Is it really true? That A simple lol is worth more Than me and you? It can’t be And yet, it seems to ring true! This nation has been plagued. “Oh one second won’t really hurt!” But a second is all it takes, To send a person Six feet under dirt. So next time when you think about Looking at your phone, Think about the people Who want you to come home. Because an I love you in person, Is better than an Ily from a phone.


The subject of this poem is about texting and driving, a very dangerous yet common happening in the world today. When attention is pulled away from the road it could cause life-threatening harm, and whether it was meant or not, the damage is still irreversible. People should think about others and themselves before making the decision to pick up their phones and begin texting. All it takes is one single second.