I Wish You Missed Me

Marissa M

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I was going on 14, and your car was hitting 40. My 2 wheels were no match against your 4, not including the 5th wheel inside your car, but you weren’t paying attention to that either. My bike took me across the street in 3 seconds, but you still caught me at the last 1. You didn’t see the 14 year old boy On his 1 bike, On his last run. 1, 2, 3, 4… bystanders just standing there. “Hang on pal, I’ve got 911.” “Hold his head, there’s blood everywhere…” “Hold on buddy, they’ll be here in 1 minute.” And, they made it. I wish I did too. You took away 1 son from 2 parents, 1 brother from 2 siblings. And a whole life time of potential. I was going on 14, Until your phone chimed. It took 1 second of yours to take all of mine. My 2 parents, 2 siblings, celebrated my 17th birthday, now it’s just a sad thing to do. They say they miss me every day. I wish you missed me too.