The power of prayer

Gabrielle K


The advances of today’s technology have created a new world for humanity in a negative way. The problem at hand is that we do not fully understand how to co-exist with technology at this time. We want technology to make our lives easier because we have become exhausted multitaskers. Somehow, we have given permission to be controlled by our own technical devices and denied our own existence. Slowly, technology is replacing humanity and we are too blind-sided to see the big picture of our own destruction. Then, we need to stand up and say no to technology, if we want to be better drivers and respect other drivers on the roads. However, many of us have become addicted to technology and our brains will continue wanting more distractions; therefore, it will be unrealistic for everyone to put down their distracting electronic devices while driving. My only answer to this epidemic is to pray to God everyday that we will all be protected from all kinds of harm or injury as we go out in this chaotic world and interact with others. The power of prayer.


This is an essay illustrating the harmful effects of technology on today’s society and how it will eventually destroy humanity. We can’t co-exist with technology because it wants to replace us and not help us. We need to take back our lives and start doing more for ourselves and stop relying on technology to do things for us. We have lost our perspective in life and we can only gain it back through prayer.