Prevent Death From the Wheel

Karina R

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Every year young teens and young adults have been trying to drive on the streets, but become casualties due to reckless their driving. Young drivers tend to become more distracted by their phones or arguing at the passenger next to them, while not paying attention to the road and their surroundings. One Big effective way to reduce reckless driving is having the phone turned while driving because the driver will be more focused on the road than being focused on their social lives, There are some drivers that need to use their phone for directions, they can google maps and just silence notifications that are from social media, and text in order to stay focused on the road. Also, the drivers can’t drive with passengers who are mad at them or don’t make the passengers mad while you are driving because it can escalate arguing verbal abuse or physical abuse in the car that can lead to a major car accident. Drivers should also have a positive mindset before driving, instead of driving with tension filled with negativity within the mind. If a driver is emotionally unstable, they should ask a friend or family member to drive them or take the bus because they are not capable of driving, since they have too much on their mind. For young drivers who impulsively text while driving, or impatient need to learn self-control within themselves before driving in order to reduce car accidents, Speeding is a fast way of being in a car accident, young drivers need to reject street races or speeding in order to get to a destination faster. In conclusion, young drivers should be more aware of the road, and not become distracted by phones and people and especially not speeding. Not only one life can be endangered, but many, think about other’s safety as well.