You will get there.

Ibrahim k

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This is a story about a man and a young boy whose lives were forever changed by a single incident. An incident that took place in a span of 10 seconds but had an effect that lasted forever. It was 8 am in the morning. The man slowly slipped out of bed slowly trying not to wake up his wife and started getting ready for work. He put on his uniform and gave his wife one final kiss goodbye while she rubbed her eyes and mumbled a half-hearted; “I love you,” before rolling around on the bed and adding “Goodnight”. He smiled, put on his winter jacket and left the house. The boy, on the other hand, woke up and slammed the buzzer of his alarm to finally shut it off after putting it on snooze for the third time. He laid there for a few minutes until a sudden realization shut him off the bed. He was about to be late for his Grandma’s “surprise” 87th birthday party. It was a tradition in the family to throw Grandma a “surprise” party every year, but it was never really a surprise. She could instantly see it coming a mile away. Even though his Grandma always tried to act grumpy and annoyed during the parties, Everyone knew that she actually looks forward to it every year. The boy rushed to his car and hastily slapped on his seatbelt as he reversed out of the parking spot. He was in a hurry, this party was the one time everyone in the family got together and acted like a real family and he didn’t want to miss a single minute of it. His mind was so clouded with these thoughts that he didn’t even notice the road worker waving “SLOW DOWN – Road Work Ahead” sign. Standing there with a goofy smile on his face thinking about his wife. “She is probably taking Betty out for her morning walk” he thought. The image of his small wife being led around by their giant German Shepherd was enough to warm him up in the freezing cold weather. He wanted to be there with them…but for now, the image was good enough to get him through the day. The boy finally noticed him at the last second and stepped on his breaks but it was too late. The car slid across the layer of black ice on the road and went out of control. The man was killed by a young boy in a rush to go back home to see his family. However, everyone has a family they want to go back to. Whether it’s the guy slowing down traffic, or the road workers that make you take detours from your usual route. Don’t let your emotions overtake you. No matter the detours, or how slow you are driving, you will make it to your destination if you are mindful of others and drive safely.