6:34 PM

Kamirra P

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3;00 pm Julian is so excited for her senior prom she can not wait to get ready for this magical night that she has been dreaming about forever. “this should be fun” she said as she hops in her car to get her hair, make up and nails done. Thomas and his girlfriend have been arguing with each other all day through text about Thomas wanting to go out with his friends instead of with her. This argument has put so much stress on Thomas he turns his phone off so he doesn’t have to continue arguing. 4;37 Julian is finally done with her hair, makeup, and nails and is on the way home to get dressed. As soon as she arrived home she ran upstairs to put on her beautiful dress and the customs heels her mother brought her. “you look so beautiful” her mother said as she came down the steps. Julian’s date is waiting down stairs also and he is so surprised by how beautiful she looks. Thomas decides to turn his phone on and he has 10 missed calls and 14 texts from his girlfriend. She is furious at him at him but Thomas doesn’t care about what she has to say and leaves her on read regardless of her anger. 5;20 Julian and her date hop in the car on there way to the restaurant so they can eat before prom. As her parents sent them off her mom said ” I love you Julian” and off they went. Thomas gets in his car on the way to meet his friends at a local bar to play pool. While Thomas is driving he realizes his phone keeps going off, It’s his girlfriend threatening to break up with him if he goes to the bar. Thomas picks up the phone in a hurry to text her back. 6:19 Julian is driving then out of no where comes Thomas, distracted by his phone. CRASH, he runs right into her going 50 mph and flips her car over. Julian’s date some how escaped out the car but Julian was not moving and unresponsive. Thomas was so scared and all he could think to himself was “was it worth it”. At 6:34 pm Julian was pronounced dead on the seen of the accident. There goes her dreams of an amazing prom and graduation.