Cell phone Catastrophe

Nicole B

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Every single teenager That I know can not wait to turn 16. In the State of California 16 is the age that you can legally drive by yourself, and with friends in the car with parental consent. Most teenagers do truly not understand what a responsablity driving really is. Yes, it can be fun but you need to understand the responsibilities of driving. Most teenagers have something almost everyone is familiar with, a cell phone. Cell phones give us many amazing useful things. We can research anything at anytime, reach out to friends, family, and play games whenever we want. However, driving an automobile is not the time nor place to do any of these things. Many of us do not like to admit it but we do have an addiction to our phones. We constantly check them to text back, send a quick snap, scroll through Instagram and much more. When you do these things, your attention is diverted from the road which puts you and your passengers as well as everyone around you in danger. Some teens, even many adults that I know never text and drive, except when at a stoplight. That is not as safe as you think it is, In fact it is extremely dangerous. You are not paying attention and something could easily happen, you could get rear ended, accidently let off the brakes and go into the intersection and so much more could happen. Taking your attention off of the road even for a second could be fatal. Take a moment and ask yourself this: is it really worth my life. The answer is no, sending a text, liking a picture or sending a snap is not worth anyone’s life. So why do we still do it? We do it because we think that nothing bad can happen to us. The truth is, anything can happen. Loosing someone is hard, it tears you apart and over time it gets better but it never ever fully heals. Which is why I ask you, would you really endanger yourself and other people to send a text. My solution to this problem is to put your phone somewhere you do not feel tempted to check it. Put it on do not disturb. If a text is that important you are willing to endanger yourself and others for it have a passenger respond for you. If no one else is in the car, it can wait. I am sure that person can wait for however long of a drive it is then never hear from you again.