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What a thought What a thought; a statement used many times in my house. I am sure it is all due to my dad, specifically his job. My dad is a police officer, it has been his career since his graduation. With him being an officer I hear about many stupid stories as well as many senseless deaths. I have a solution to distracted driving in young people today that I do not believe many people have even thought about. After all most people I have met tried to scare kids into no texting with driving. And I have seen some impressive ideas. Such as an initiative in Utah, though I can not remember the name but I know they went around to some of the high schools and put virtual reality on the teenage drivers. To show them what it could be like to get into a wreck when distracted. Imagine the dream when you are falling that wakes you up in fear. That is pretty much what the virtual reality goggles instill in the people, except for driving. And though that idea is a good one and it would work for many drivers it will not necessarily work for all of them. You see it is not exactly the fear of death that keeps me in line. It is the knowledge of my dad’s job that does. Let me explain. You see whenever someone is driving distracted or reckless and it results in the unfortunate loss of life. You see some people say I might be cold hearted in one fact, I have never really felt sorry for people whose recklessness and stupidity got them killed. No, what makes me sad is who and what they leave behind. The poor parents, wives, husbands, kids, friends, and people that loved them that they left behind is who I feel sorry for. I can’t count the times my dad has been late coming home because he has to get a body off the road. And in all honesty that is what scares me the most. Is that what I want to be remembered by? A policeman’s report that I was driving like an idiot and it resulted in my death? Or even worse, the death of someone else. That is why my dads job keeps me in check, because I will not be remembered in that fashion. I think all people should witness what happens to the love ones that others have left behind because they were not thinking. I think they should be made to read stories and watch interviews of families torn apart by tragedy due to reckless and distracted driving. Some might say it would be to much for people to handle, but that’s what my family lives in every day. My family knows about all these things, all the darkest aspects of human’s and yet still finding the spark of hope to go on. Now wouldn’t that be a thought to think of other people on the road before driving recklessly. Would not that be a thought to think of what your family and friends would think if you got hurt or somebody else got hurt because of your own stupidity. What a thought to think before you drive. What a thought.