Eye Believe

Kailey O

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Over the past five years cars have introduced advanced technology, Tesla has self driving cars and even common brands like Chevrolet have features like back up camera and adaptive cruise control. However, companies still have not developed a feature to help minimize distracted driving collisions. I was a victim of distracted driving. A man was worried about his food and not the road. Everyday after that I pondered about what I could have done to prevent my accident even though I was not at fault. Sadly, my case of distracted driving does not compare to the 3,400 people per year in the United States who have died because of distracted driving. People live in their phones, texting and driving is the main distracted driving incident. So, I believe turn our phones into our solution, the iPhone x has advance eye scanning technology. If the technology was implicated into cars or trucks I believe lives could be saved. The cameras would be installed on the driver’s side on the dash, they could detect when the driver’s eyes are not focused on the road. The driver will be alerted with a sound to let them know they are not focused. I believe this technology is very possible especially with self driving cars on the market. Distracted driving should not win and neither should our phones, use the distraction to save lives like they say fight fire with fire.