The last text I ever sent

Mia H


I am 17 years old. I’ll never turn 18. Today was sunny, and warm and I had my windows down with the radio playing music from my favorite Pandora station. The sound of a text coming through made the music go quiet for a moment, so I reached over to see who it was. Alex: “hey babe! want to get dinner tonight???” me: “that sounds great! text me the time and place and I’ll meet you there! <3" I never made it to dinner. Right after I hit send I rear ended the stopped car in front of me, and was simultaneously rammed by the car behind me. If I hadn't been texting I would have seen the red light. Don't make the same mistake I did, Don't text and drive.


A sobering short story written in first person point of view telling the events that led up to the death of the story teller. This story is meant to connect to the modern teenager, and make them aware of the severe consequences of texting and driving. Displaying how accidents can happen on ordinary, unexpected, or even pleasant days.