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– Is it illegal to drive without a seatbelt? Yes. – In the United States of America, what do you do while driving to let an emergency services vehicle (such as an ambulance) get to their destination? Pull over to the right side of the road. – When shifting lanes, what must you do first? Look at your mirrors and then your blindspot. – At about how many feet must you stop in your vehicle when the train is moving across a railroad in your path? I don’t really know; I know you’re supposed to stop and not get hit by the train (of course), but I’m not really that good at eyeballing distances like that. – What does a stoplight look like? A red sign with… eight sides and the word “STOP” written on the center of it. – Okay. One more question: what do you do when your car starts breaking down on the highway? Go to the shoulder lane and turn on your havoc lights. – Congratulations! You passed the written test! Will you remember all of this information? Probably not. – Where are you going off to now? I’m just going to the store. – Right now? It’s a bit late; you know that it’s dangerous night right? Don’t worry, I’m not stupid, I know how to drive. I just wanna go get a snack. – Seriously, this isn’t a good idea. About 11 teens die behind the wheel every day. Are you sure you’re one in a million? Yeah. Just let me do this, please. – Alright, fine. What are you going to get? I don’t really know, I’m in the mood for something a bit salty, though. Plus I deserve to have this, I just passed my driver’s test. – Wait a minute, you’re not even supposed to be driving right now, are you? That was your written test! Who cares? I’m just going out for a bit, no one will notice and nothing’s gonna happen. – This is really bad, you should go back home. What if your mom finds out? She’ll take away your phone and computer… how will you be able to hang out with your friends during the summer? Just stop. Everything is going to be fine. – No it won’t! Thi- SEE LOOK THERE’S THE POLICE!! Yeah, but they’re just arresting some weird guy on the side of the street. Stop being so skeptical of everything. I’m fine. Everything is fine. – By the way, you should turn into the middle lane, your stop isn’t until about two miles from here. Hey, why are you going so fast? Oh, I didn’t notice, I was busy looking at the guy getting arrested because he was naked. – That’s gross. Also that’s not good because you should be focused on the road. When are you going merge into the middle? I’ll just do that now, I guess. – STOP MERGING RIGHT NOW!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I’m merging like you said. – There’s a car speeding down that lane, though! Wait, What is that horrible sound? The tires are screeching. – Why are we upside down right now? The guy hit me! – Woah! That was a nasty little crash we just go into! Are you okay? … Hey! Can you hear me? … Please answer me. What’s going on?!?!