My Testimony to Reckless Driving

Jessica G

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It was late May, at the time I think didn’t much of it. A pretty warm day, partly cloudy with a beautiful sky. And like every other day after I got out of school and drove myself straight to work. Sure, like any other driver, I would occasionally use my phone, but I was sure to do it before that changed green. I guess it was my nature to get distracted, but my phone was never the problem. In a way it was me. This isn’t your average reckless driver story where the I, the driver decided to scroll through my feed and hit some poor kid. You can avoid using your phone while driving. The drive towards my work went without a hitch, I arrived perfectly fine. My job as a cashier serving those who were in need of my services started, this time my shift ended later than usual; eight in the afternoon and by that time the need to biologically fulfill my needs slowly crept up on me as I punched out. The cold air from outside hit my face and I suddenly felt awake. I could take on the uphill battle of driving back home I was so sure of it! I got in the driver’s seat turned on the ignition and proceeded with exit. It wasn’t long before the moment happened. I was barely home when my consciousness slowly slipped away. This time, It wasn’t the phone wasn’t the cause of my distraction. Sadly, it was me, my whole body got the best of me as I was coming to turn on an intersection with no traffic light a truck with cargo came zooming quickly. I had no time to react and as they both made contact a loud BOOM was heard. Everything went dark. Luckily that didn’t happen, I didn’t get inside my car. I simply dialed up my mom and of course she answered immediately, I told her that I didn’t want to drive tired. It could’ve resulted in an accident, it could’ve resulted in my mother getting a call from the police. I could’ve died that day. I could’ve left my family with a hole in their hearts. No matter the cause of reckless driving, it always ends up the same, someone getting hurt. But that doesn’t change the fact that we all have be cautious while driving. If you’re driving safe, others will be too.