A Boy In Blue And A Girl In Red

Nazifa T

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Two children, a boy in blue and a girl in red Laugh out loud as they run through the flower bed Whispering secrets and playing tag Jumping around and running in a zig-zag. The boy shouts, leaps and lets out a roar. The girl smiles and gracefully dances on the floor. They look at each other and make a vow They don’t know when, but they will make it come true somehow. Two high schoolers, a boy in blue and a girl in red. The boy fails his test while the girl shakes her head. She scolds and yells at him while he looks at the ground He glances at her face, by her beauty he is spellbound. The boy apologizes as he places a flower near her ear. The girl blushes, his next words, she feels embarrassed to hear For they remind her of the promise they made long ago The promise that they could fulfill once they grow. Two college students, a boy in blue and a girl in red. Smile lovingly at one another, for they could soon wed. The girl, with a ring on her hand, shines like the sun When she stands next to her loved one. A soft sigh escapes her lips as she takes out her phone She sends the boy in blue a message. Oh! If she had only known. A ding echoed in the car. The boy stretched out his hand. A single second. A single message. Caused his soul to vanish from this land. One adult, a girl in red. Stands in front of a grave, the boy in blue is forever dead. A single tear silently falls down, for she was never expecting this. Images roam in her head, memories of her first kiss. She reached her hand out, but she knew that she would never see Her best friend. Her lover. Her husband to be. One single message and a distracted mind. That single moment, that horrid death, cannot be rewind.