The Golden Idol.

Ethan Snow S

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The Golden Idol Teenagers they are so full of hope, approaching adulthood, and on the cusp of freedom. Some are going off to better themselves through higher education, some are choosing to fight for our country, others are going straight into the workforce but no matter their intended destination they are all linked together by a rather recent piece of technology as far as mankind goes. Some use it for entertainment and most use it to keep in touch with family. It is how we document our lives, it’s how we spread news. In truth it has changed the world. No group of individuals in this country or the world would agree more with this statement then teenagers. We often see them with it clutched in their hands holding on so tight as if the loss of this item would mean the end of life itself. this is where the the youth of our day have begun to stray as they have been sucked into the world of virtual reality their attention and energy are focused almost entirely on their golden idols people are losing sight of what’s around them. As sad as the death of normal human relationships it is the forfeiture of life itself due this golden idol that is truly terrifying . Devotion to their one true idol whether they realize it or not is leading to ghastly scenes of carnage and destruction all because they allowed themselves to be drawn from the present by a idol an unliving one at that. Those once cheerful souls so full of promise are dead because of their misguided faith in their idol. So ask yourself is it worth dying for this golden idol.