One Last Word

Shelby F

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What was your “One Last Word” to someone? Maybe some of you can relate by loosing a loved one or friend. For me, I lost a chunk of my heart. On July 7, 2018, I got the call I never expected. My best friend had been killed in a car accident. “Wow, what do I do now”? “Who do I tell all my secrets to, or who do I depend on to be there for me”, is just a few of the questions I asked myself. I had always been told loosing a loved one is hard, but I never knew the pain until now. It all brings back memories of the commercials and ads saying, “Don’t text and drive”. Well, don’t we all just think that won’t happen to us or someone we know because we think that’s just for people not close to us or around us. What a lie to believe. Texting and driving is such a big issue but is ignored by everyone. Why do people have to go through things like this to realize it is real and it can get you killed. “Maybe if he wouldn’t have sent that one last text he would still be here”, I often think. Then I realize, I’m forever thankful for that “One Last Word” because those last words were, “I love you Shelby, You mean the world to me”. Even though this whole experience has absolutely changed my viewpoint of everything and anything, it has taught me one of the biggest lessons in life. I hope some day this can be my testimony to others for help and guidance.