reckless driving comes to an end

gissel m

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Gissel Martinez August 15, 2018 Reckless driving comes to an End Reckless driving has been one of the main cause of deaths and major injuries including being paralysis or coma. Distracted driving is one of the main things that cause reckless driving. It is also the most known because of nowadays technology. Phones are the number one reason for being distracted in a vehicle. Technology causes people to look elsewhere while they are driving or even stopped at a light. Changing the radio cause you to move your hand and takes your mind off the focus. Even when you just change the volume. Cars now have Bluetooth radios to mainly answer phones. They are still a huge distraction because your mind is not completely focused on the road and without realizing it you are getting into the conversation. Your mind has also got into the conversation and your mind is not paying attention to the road through your eyes are. It still makes a huge difference because the mind reacts faster than the eyes. People are not allowed to use the phone while driving but 4/5 percent still uses phones. A solution could be that while in a car the phone can signal an alert on the screen to lock the person from using it until they have parked and the car is on “P