When The Sky Won’t Cry

Caroline M

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She stood, frozen in fear, shock, and grief. What just happened? Flashes burn her eyes when open; screams, horrible, screetching pleas for mercy fill her mind when she closed her eyes. Mercy she couldn’t give. What just happened? It was still circling in her head. It hit her. The car… her little sister… red. A drop of water fell on her hand. It wasn’t raining. That was weird. Wasn’t it supposed to rain when good people died? It wasn’t fair. How dare the sky not cry. The sky cried for other people, why not her sister. It didn’t matter. She would make it rain by herself. So she cried like rain. It poured down, dripping off her cheeks and landing on the stained red stones, then mixing in. She cried more for herself trying to erase those stains. The stains she had made. She tried with all her might to rain enough. “Make the red go away! Make it stop! Make it go away!” She screamed and screamed. Flashes, screetching, tires, red. It was useless. She yelled in frustrated and the tears still streaming. Memories soon flooded her. She staggered with pain. Those happy days. Her sister swinging on the swing laughing with pure joy; her sister learning to ride her bike, her sister proudly presenting her first coloring in kindergarten, her sister jumping up and down in excitement because she lost her first tooth. She was only 6 years old. Crashing, the memories were unrelenting. She gasped with pain, “make it stop…” she whimpered. “Please just make it stop” Suddenly; nothing. Everything was gone. No screams, no flashes, no feeling. She realized what happened “No. No! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! PLEASE GIVE IT BACK! I HAVE TO FEEL! DON’T TAKE THE PAIN AWAY! I NEED IT! I NEED IT TO REMEMBER HER! I need to remember her! Please! Please… just… I… please.” But it was too late. Just like it was too late to save her sister. She took her phone out of her pocket. She looked down at it. Her face reflected back at her, the face of a killer. How dare the sky not cry for her sister! Stupid sky! She threw the phone as far from her as she could. She didn’t watch it land, nor did she care. She only cared about what was now lost. She’d taken her sister for granted. And now it was too late. Too late too tell her she loved her…too late to tell her she cared.