One life lost

Elyce R

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When you hear those droning words of your parents or teachers talk about driving and the distractions, you roll eyes and disregard it like any other thing that you’ve been told too many times to count, I know I did. But when they tell you these things, they are looking out for you, and I was a fool to not believe so. I wish I could tell you that I came out unscathed, with no bruises or scratches, but the reality is I almost lost my life due to distracted driving. Laying in my hospital bed trying to recollect whatever I can remember from the collision, but the only thing I can remember is just a big blurry mess. The immense throbbing in my head causes me to wince and let out a dissatisfied groan. I close my eyes and hear the door to my hospital room open with a pair of soft footsteps walking up to me. “Welcome back Ms.Rodriguez, can you hear me?” A soft voice comes from above me, I open my eyes and look up at what I assumed to be the doctor. I part my lips and try to speak but only a dry cough is heard, so to communicate I nod my head up and down to signal that I could hear perfectly. I point to my throat and give her a questioning look as if to ask ‘why can’t I talk?’ “Yes, about that…You had damaged your vocal cords quite a bit from all the screaming you did when you were in that collision. They’re still some time to heal, but with the proper amount of vocal rest and training, I’m sure you’ll get your voice back in no time.” She informs me, a small smile on her lips, telling me she’s happy that one of her patients is alive. “There is some news I must inform you about..First, when you had gotten into the crash, due to your weak heart, the crash sent you into a heart attack, we were lucky enough to get a heart donation, and your right side of your body was most affected in the collision, causing you now have a permanent limp. You’re very lucky to be alive.” She explains, her voice more stern than before. “Oh! And the person who donated their heart asked me to give this to you.” She softly speaks, handing me a small note with the words ‘Dearest Friend’ at the top. The gut wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach I felt as I keep rereading the note, but it only worsens the feeling in my stomach. The tears threaten to fall from my eyes and I clutch the letter in my hand. Never would I ever become a distracted driver, it costed my friends life to save mine. It wasn’t worth it, I would forever be reminded of this.