Find A Way To Drive Safe

Jessica A

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The roads are becoming more unsafe because of the use of phones. No matter what technology we come out with to keep our hands free and our minds focused on the road, we can’t get over having the phone in our hands and looking directly at it. I want to present a new addition to the hands-free system. What if we could connect the GPS system in your phone to your car? We’ve done that. But what if we could create a program that can recognize when you’ve begun driving and when you’ve reached your destination? Why would that matter, you ask? That is where the title becomes important. We all know what a glove box is, but can we make the glove box a smart box? Here’s my idea: you set your GPS destination and connect it to the car. Then you put your phone in the smart box and close it. It will remain unlocked until you begin driving. Once you do, the car will automatically lock and phone access will unavailable. You will still have the hands-free system to answer your phone and use GPS, but you will not have to look at your phone or handle it manually. When you reach your destination and put the car in park, it will automatically unlock and you will have access to your phone again. It has its ups and down and there will always be room for improvement, but it has the potential to save lives if we can make it happen.