Stay Funky Fresh and Safe

Cole S



Hey everybody! My name is Cole and I’m gonna drop some funky fresh rhymes on you to encourage everyone to stay safe on the road 🙂 LYRICS: Alright kids welcome to school Before we start, here’s the rule If you wanna be safe, lets be real Ya Gotta pay attention behind the wheel Put down the phone, for awhile It might save, the life of a child A head on collision may lay you to rest So a focused driver is the best Don’t put the lives of others at risk So lets stop the problem, before it persists If you wanna be cool, turn the music down So for awhile, you can be around And don’t even think about substance abuse Avoid alcohol or drug use Don’t send the text, Sheila can wait The roads important, not tryna hate Learn How to Drive safe with Cole Ah yeah, so you can live to be old Bring the Funk Back Alright kids, before you leave Just remember, drive safe indeed Avoid facebook when you wanna cruise Snapchat either, although its ya muse Instagram can be pretty rad Unless at high speeds, thats bad It ain’t that important, dont ya think? Fatality can happen, before you blink So the lesson of the day, don’t be a fool Class dismissed, this is what you learned in school I hope you learned something from this funky beat Ain’t driving safe, so neat Also make sure to follow the rules of the road So you can make it back to your humble abode Also don’t drive drowsy, its dangerous You don’t wanna be, hazardous This is my funky beat CREDITS: Cole Swank (myself): bass, guitar, vocals, writing Danny Dolan: Drums Caleb Webster: Recording, mixing, and mastering at You Name It Studios