Poem- Don’t Be Reckless- LIVE

Ryan Y

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We live in a world of technology We drive in ease where technology is at our finger tips We see and hear what we want to do Why do we drive and not see all around us? Why do we listen and not truly hear our surroundings? Why do we not care about ourselves and those around us? I care about you and everyone around me I care to be your voice and advocate for you Be who you are meant to be Do not drive reckless and carefree with technology Care enough to live happily and prosperous You are the driver of your domain You should care about yourself You are who you are meant to be Be the person who fights to live Don’t reck your life on things you can control Don’t reck your life with technology at your finger tips Don’t reck your life by being careless Live to be happy Live to be loving Because I Care to LIVE!!