If I Was Alive to Speak

Timothy O


I’m laying on this ground Now there’s filth on my dress Tire marks on my body This is all such a mess So you couldn’t put your phone down Not even for a minute? I hope you’re happy with your life Because for me, I’m no more in it I was hoping to have a tea party When my mother came home But now only my teddies are at the table And I know they feel alone Just because you were so distracted Hearing the alerts from your phone So you picked it up to check But much regret you know own How could you do this? How hard is it to look in front? To know that I am there Before pulling this fatal stunt Was this really worth it? Now I lost my chance to be grown Just because you were more focused On the tweets on your phone


Just because you get a notification, doesn’t mean you are meant to open it at that time. The message will not run away just because you did not give it attention when it is ringing to be read. Social media is not worth a persons life, Maybe the person was going to be an important inventor that will find solutions to the problems we face, or just simply promised their loved one that they will make it home for dinner. No matter the reason, don’t exchange your social life for an innocent bystander. Be patient and wait for the appropriate time before using your phone. I’m sure the person on the other end will understand that you were too busy driving to even think about your phone. Drive safe, not distracted.