The Empty Desk

Cady N

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I came to school today to see my friend’s desk unfilled I shrug it off and go through my day assuming she was ill I rush on home to contact her to see if she’s okay And share with her all she’d missed by staying home that day I watched my phone for hours straight waiting for her reply I finished homework, watched TV, still nothing from her came by My phone lit up and I grabbed it with a smile on my face But the name was not my friends and a frown then took its place All of a sudden I didn’t feel like talking, I didn’t feel like doing anything at all Every time I tried to do something it just felt extremely wrong She might be sicker than I thought and I began to worry She could be throwing up or in the hospital riding on a gurney I go to bed with these awful thoughts running though my head But when I turned off all the lights I fell asleep with ease When I woke up in the morning I check my phone again Still nothing not one word or text from my favorite friend I sigh and get ready as reluctantly as ever My mom notices my awful mood and attempts to make it better I eventually make it to homeroom and slouch down in my chair For once not thinking about my shoes, my makeup, or my hair My teacher calls me over and I make my way over to her We go into the hallway and she grabs me by the shoulder I don’t know how to tell you this she said with a sad look in her eyes She took a deep breath and closed her eyes before sharing my surprise Your friend is gone and isn’t coming back she told me in dismay I stood there in shock not really understanding what she was trying to say Bam! It hit me she must be transferring I said to myself in my head But my teacher sighs no as if hearing what I mentally said She drops her head down before saying what would change my life forever About how I’d never see my friend again, not once or twice or ever She’s in another place now she said a better one at that I think this through and decide I want to move in no time flat Where has she gone I need to know I have to go too My teacher smiles at me sympathetically as if she just knew Something I didn’t and I stand there puzzled for a minute She stood in silence waiting but I just couldn’t get it Eventually my teacher kneels down by me and says what she’s been hinting I remember standing in shock before I just started sprinting Away far away was all I could think at the time Who could blame at the time I was only nine I ran and ran til I made it home to safety Where I found my mom was waiting for me patiently I fall into her arms shouting, screaming, and crying Filled with different thoughts of my best friend dying I finally manage to form words and all I say is How? She doesn’t answer and has my attention now She is looking at me and looks like me completely crushed She was sitting in the car when a teenage girl crashed Your friend was sitting in the back when the car came flying by While she was sitting, seatbelt on, happily inside The girl was said to get out of the car with tears running down her cheeks She was standing in hysterics unable to even speak I still feel like I’m not hearing the whole story My mother takes a pause but begins speaking again shortly But the worst part of all was the cause of the wreck The girl had a text she felt she just had to check She then lost control of the car and ran right into your friend And left her with an injury that no one could mend And like a candle in the wind Her flame will never burn again And though it hasn’t sunk in yet She met her end like Juliet I am left with this knowledge and the death of my mate And now when I drive I always remember that date