The Last Text

Evan P

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It’s late. You know it’s late, but it’s nothing new to you. Before leaving your house, you reassure your parents that you’ll be home that night, forgetting to say what unfortunately might be your last “I love you”. On your way out, your dog proceeds to follow you to the door, and as you close the door, you can hear your beloved friend slump down next to the entrance of your house, waiting for your return. You feel quite comfortable with driving, so comfortable in fact that actually driving the vehicle has become one of your least prioritized options. As you start up the car, you adjust the air conditioning to perfectly fit your needs, then as you are pulling out, you select your favorite song off your phone, forgetting to put your seatbelt on. A night just like any other, until it isn’t. Once again, you are running late, and your friends are continuing to call and text you, and it feels as if it is your duty to respond, after all you are late, and of course it wouldn’t hurt to reassure them that you’re almost there, at least you think. You pick up your phone to respond to one of your friends who is quite upset that you aren’t there yet, and as you do your grip on the wheel slowly begins to tilt to the left, yet you don’t notice, because after all you are quite comfortable with driving. Slowly drifting into oncoming traffic, you look up to see a car right in front of you…driving straight towards you. It’s too late. Your parents stayed up waiting for you to come home that night, they kept calling and calling, yet to no answer. Your dog, anxiously waiting at the door she can’t wait to see you open, unfortunately will never see you come home again. Your friends, waiting for you to arrive, not knowing where you are or what could’ve happened to you, have no idea that they will never see you again. Don’t leave them waiting, don’t text and drive.