Will you?

Jenna G

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You love to be the best. In everything you do, you love to be number one. “A-type”. “Overachiever.” “Try-hard”. You’ve heard them all. None of them impact you all that much. You love to win. Whether it’s board games, sports, contests, everything is, and anything can be, a challenge. Your friend jokes to you. Says “Hey, race you home.” The switch is flipped. You’re ready to race, whether or not your friend is too. You jump in your car, shift into drive, and you send it down the road. You haven’t checked your mirrors, turned the AC on, or even bothered with your seatbelt. You’ve got tunnel vision. A singular focus, one goal in sight. Nothing could take you out of this mode. Nothing, that is, except the car you fail to see at a stop sign. Darkness. No noise, no feeling. You’re not sure what’s just happened. The switch flips again, this time, to panic. You can’t move. You have no idea what has happened to you, your friend, or the person whose car just hit. You’re not sure you want to know. Will you be another statistic? Will you be one of 11 teens to die every day in an automobile collision? Will you Be one of the 50% of crash victims who would have survived had you worn a seatbelt? Will you rob someone else of their mobility, their property, or their life? Most of all, will you rob yourself of your ability to be the best you can be? Will you?