Matter of Seconds

Hanana F

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He woke up on a beautiful sizzling summer Saturday and couldn’t stop thinking about “it’s a perfect day to go to the beach”; little he knew why the idea arrested him. Convincing his friends, he was in his way to join them by the beach. All he could think about was the perfect texture of smooth sand, dazzling sun, chilly breezes, and so on related to a happy picture of the beach. Of course, he was holding his favorite ombre drink and listening to Lazy Afternoon while driving. Nothing could shatter his vibes; daydreaming about the beach, sipping that ombre drink, and humming with the song everything was picture perfect. Little he knew that what was about to happen could not only shatter his beach vibes but also lives. It just took him a wrong turn while the lights were red to put an end on someone’s daughter, best friend, classmate, student, and so on life. He could hardly move behind the steering wheel that he was holding with a hand; who knew it wasn’t any other day for him. That sparkling sun suddenly turned into a dim vision; he neither felt the smooth sand nor the chilly breeze. All he could see was people around his car calling the ambulance and their horrified looks; He did go to the hospital but somehow he was still hoping it was another nightmare that caught him off guard. He neither could sit nor stand; all he was doing was walking around the doors of the surgery room praying she would make it. It was all then that the blood on the crosswalk hit him that made his knees weak. He was trying to remember what happened. Replaying his day like a movie in front of his eyes, all he remembered was the creamy taste of his ombre drink, rhythms of the song, and his elegant fantasy of beach while driving. He wanted a time machine to go back and at least just pay attention to that last red light or stop sign. He was hoping it wouldn’t end like a tragedy movie, that he suddenly heard screams of a mother crying, ” She was just gone to pick up some cheese for her pasta.” It was then that he realized what he had done. Suddenly there was this voice that didn’t only break the silence of the surgery room but also shook, every single part of, people around the surgery room who could hear it. It was from one of the nurses present in the surgery room crying “We are losing her. We are losing her. She needs the DC shock.” It was then that the mother began feeling the loss yet he was still a locked hostage in his daydreams that turned many lives 180 degrees in a second. He could hear the steps of someone coming from the surgery room; it was the doctor, and he had this tragic face and baggy shoulders just like a tragedy movie. “We did everything but couldn’t save her,” said the doctor. He didn’t do anything because for the first time he knew what happened. Her mother’s weak heart couldn’t tolerate the loss of her only child so just ended at the moment. Yes, that day her father didn’t only lose his daughter but also his wife. Little he knew that his daydreams or picture perfect beach’s vision, while driving, will upside down lives in a matter of seconds. It was shocking that in a matter of seconds a mother and daughter were just a memory.