Taking Away the Breath of Life

Samantha L

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When you sneeze, your eyes close. Naturally, it’s very difficult to keep your eyes open when a sneeze is inevitable, as well as prevent the sneeze from happening. Those three seconds could equal 80 feet or two hundred feet. It could also equal a cross walk or a red light that just changed. If a sneeze could kill someone, then what could distracted driving do? “Oh no! Something is under the brake petal and I just ran someone down!” That is a better thought to have engraved in your mind then I sent my friend a message saying I will see her soon and I neglected to notice the child in front of my car. Death is the ultimate distraction that a car can cause. Don’t let a text or phone call distract you. You will be fighting the rest of your life to erase those three seconds. Under Utah Criminal Code, all distracted driving is at minimum a class C misdemeanor, which only includes a fine. If anyone is harmed, this is moved up to a class B misdemeanor, which means a much greater fine of over $100. If someone is killed, though, it is considered a third degree felony and punishable with up to 5 years in prison. You are labeled as a murder for the rest of your life because you couldn’t put the phone down for three seconds.