The Crash in the Blink of an Eyelash (Poem)

Jennifer O


When they crashed into that tree, It was a complete tragedy A tragedy that was 100% preventable And now this situation is so lamentable In the car, this group of three Was completely carefree Recklessly, they drove to their death Little did they know this would be their last breath The driver was on his phone Another was yelling and raising his tone The last one was sitting in the back seat Unfortunately, he would be dead in a heartbeat Indeed they were going so fast By the time they saw the tree, they were going in full blast They died on impact as they jammed into the trees Adding to the list of teens mourned by families What is a possible solution? QUICK! We need a resolution Before more precious lives are lost We have to stop this at all cost We must stop being reckless and distracted This is how we will be less impacted We need to take action and speak to schools We need to show young high-schoolers the rules Impact Teen Drivers along with another organization Can speak to them and give them information These life-changing presentations Can end all our frustrations There are many things that we can show We can teach them, you know? Elementary schools should also have this privilege There is no need for age cleavage It will benefit us to teach them at an early age These ideas will stick with them until they’re teenage I truly think that this recommendation Can really make a huge difference in our nation


This piece was inspired because I recently experienced one of the Impact Teen Drivers presentations, and it was extremely eye-opening. All the information and stories were heartfelt, and I learned so much. I realized the danger of taking your eyes off the road even for a split second. This is why I believe that presentations are the best way to solve this crisis. These presentations would get to the heart of the problem and get the message across to many, many people. It would definitely help lower teenage deaths due to reckless and distracted driving. This could involve texting, yelling, or speeding like in this poem, or another of the countless bad decisions that can cause a tragedy.