It wasn’t my fault

Robin R


Her brake lights never came on. Her car didn’t smoke or bleed like mine- what did she have to complain about? The only indication I had was a screech of tires and the yelp of the bumper she hit- I only really remember that my hood crunched up like an empty bag of chips. That day made a smoothie out of sleep-deprivation and head injuries during my one second of ignorance and the carelessness of the woman who didn’t put her panic-lights on and maybe if I hadn’t played the CD you burnt me The voodoo you put on the disk wouldn’t have made me crash. It wasn’t my fault my phone rang. It wasn’t my fault I hadn’t slept. It wasn’t my fault, what was I suppose to do?


A short poem describing denial and blame, based off of my own experiences and irrational thoughts. Through its structure and intentional enjambment, the poem shows the confusion of the crash and how the speaker is trying to deceive themselves and the reader in order to escape blame. The intention is to ironically show how distracted driving is always a choice, despite social pressures, apparent ‘conveniences’, and the mental hoops we jump through in order to avoid accepting that our mistakes are our fault.