Distracted Driving – Don’t Even Think About Doing It

Andranik Z

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You are driving down the street, the highway, or that usual part of town, and that’s when it happens. Blink. The sound and sight is all too familiar. A text message from mom, a Snapchat from a friend, that e-mail from your boss, or that phone call from your grandma. You have the urge to respond right now to get it out of your troubles. Your conscious takes over and says, “Do it, you’ll be fine”. You give into it and vigorously respond to whoever it may be. All seems well, until that gut-wrenching sound echoes in your ears and turns you as pale a ghost. The screaming of the bystander, the screeching of the wheels on the asphalt, the metallic thunk you hear when the car meets the body. The whole world comes down on your shoulders, and you think to yourself, “What have I done….this cannot be real….why is this happening to me!”. The guilt was enough to break your heart into pieces. Another person was added to the never-ending statistic that plagues our society to this day. Ask yourself, “Was it worth it, necessary even?” No. Putting others in danger of your recklessness is not worth anything. Don’t you dare even think about it, unless you want to risk people’s lives over something so futile. I am Andranik Zarikyan, and I will not be a part of these statistics.