Your Best Friend’s Last Day

Breanna C

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Your best friend just left your house after spending the day with you. She looks down at her phone to check Snapchat to how many people saw her story from the day. With her foot still on the gas pedal, the guy to her left merges into her lane just before a stop light. Still looking at her phone when the light turns red, not having enough time to stop before she slams into the guy in front of her. Head hitting the steering wheel, killing her instantly. The next day you get a call from her crying mom saying that she had never made it home that night, she had died in a car crash because she was using her phone. You’re in shock. You both knew that she wasn’t good at multi-tasking. Why would she put her life in danger like that….? At least 1 in 4 collisions are caused by phone use at the wheel. No one is good at multi-tasking, especially when you’ve got so much going on around you when you’re driving. Having the self-control to not worry about the phone and social media until after your done focusing on the road and putting it on silent, could save a few lives. About 11 teens die every day in collisions from being distracted at the wheel, that’s about 4,000 teens each year. Don’t be another statistic, put the phone down.