Don’t distract your friends

Aly B

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Your lovely wife was giving birth to your first child. You were removed from the room because things were going so terribly wrong and you needed to talk to someone. Anyone. Your friends were bound to give support because you were the first in your friend group to not only want but to have a kid. While some of them had admitted to not wanting kids ever, they were thrilled at the concept of spoiling your child and watching them for a while. Of course as long as if they started crying they gave them back to you and your wife. Matthew, your best friend of course would provide support and help you out! He was always known to drop everything to help you as you did for him as well. You began to text him your worries and he of course replies back until suddenly he abruptly stops responding. You find that a bit odd but he was probably busy so you begin to talk with your other friends and buddies. Your phone starts to ring and you see it is Matthew calling you. “ Matthew! Thanks for calling man I really need to-” You begin to speak rapidly and worriedly but are cut off by a voice you haven’t heard from before. “Are you Mathews in case of emergencies call?” The voice asks. “Yes,” You say suddenly feeling your blood go cold at the thought something may be wrong. “Matthew was texting and driving and got hit by a drunk truck driver. He is in critical condition,” The lady states carefully. Suddenly it had just occurred to you that Matthew was telling you about his road trip to visit his brother. You had distracted him while driving and you may have costed him his life.