On The Scene

Sarah D

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The chirping of the alarm turns our heads. We hear dispatch call out the address and we all spring to action. We all rush grabbing the supplies that we need; reflective jackets, radios, flashlights and the keys. Then we all dash into truck with the sirens blaring and lights flashing. We fly down the roads towards the scene of the accident. Once we arrive we grab our medical bags and prepare a gurney. As we all collectively race towards the collided cars; glass crunching loudly under our feet. We see the severity of crash and immediately spring to action. Taking and recording the pulse of the crash victim. “Do you know what Happened?” “Whats your name?” “How old are you?” These questions ring in the background as my partners assert the alertness of the patient. I unpack our medical bag to get out sterilized gauze, betadine, and a handheld manual resuscitation bag. As I ventilate in even synchronized beats my partners all lift the young patient from the ground to the gurney and sprint towards the ambulance. We load the patient in begin to hook her up to the portable heart monitor as another ambulance arrives to the scene. Once in we blare the sirens and start the lights up and rush towards the hospital. As we rush there we continue to asses the injuries of the patient. Noticing severe bruising of the stomach, several cuts and bruises and a deep cut on the forehead of the patient. Once we arrive to the E.R. we are greeting by the distraught family of the patient which a nurse assure the family that everyone will take great care of their daughter. We pass the patient to the E.R. doctors who start to rush and retake vitals while asking questions about our knowledge of the patient. We quickly give the answers and then leave to get give the doctors room to start treating the more severe injuries. As we leave the E.R. our radio goes off once again with dispatch giving us another location of a car crash. We all load the truck once more and prepare ourselves for a long night of tragic events.