Text and Drive

Troy S

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Don’t text and drive Stay alive One vital mistake could end your life That friend will want to see you alive Don’t make this your last drive Don’t text and drive Keep that focus Never lose it Life is too valuable not to commit Life precious as gems That amazing future driving the Mercedes Benz Realize no text can amount to your future Experiences, memories to last a lifetime Over a text you won’t even remember in due time Ten minutes and your home Time to tell a story… Its a Saturday and your taking a drive One subtle vibrate and your eyes meet your phone Dead or alive You pass into a school zone You’ve lost focus You think “I’ll just read it” You look down then: Bang! You look up and there’s little Billy Now across the street blood slowly spreading You look down at your phone Its your mom It reads “Don’t text while you drive, see you when you get home.” You look down at Billy and realize you’ve messed up You call the police and your taken to jail Sentence that’ll permanently ruin your life. Heart racing, thoughts flowing through your mind With the speed you were driving when you hit Billy You blink, your sweating but safe in bed You become overwhelmed with joy You then get scared and put your hands on your head But what about that little boy? You were scared, what if it really happened? What if Billy were real? Billy is real. Billy is one of the many innocent pedestrians killed in car accidents Minding their own business That text you value could end a life But damage the future for both: A grieving family having to bury Billy For you prison time that’ll damage your reputation forever Billy is you, Billy is me. Protect those you love and those you don’t Is that text worth all this pain and anguish Take a step back and evaluate. Leave your phone. Take a walk to clear your mind Really look at the world don’t be blind Realize the gravity of your decisions That phone is not worth an innocent life Be cognizant, change the culture Create Real Impact.