Mode for the Road

Isabella A

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In recent years there have been a extreme increase in car crashes because of drivers being distracted. The increase in mobile phones, smartphones, has been one of the leading causes of this. Even with teens knowing the consequence they could be facing, death, we still make the decision to look at the text we received, what’s trending and take pictures. Smartphones do have some benefits to drivers, they give directions to where we are going and allow our family to get in contact with us. Maps is one part of our phone that we need in order to drive and this doesn’t cause a distraction for drivers. My solution is that all phones will go into a mode once you get into a car that is moving. This mode will shut your phone completely off, not allowing you to access anything else, except maps. A concern with my “mode” is that the access to maps can still make a driver distracted and how will a driver be able to plug in their destination. Once your phone would go into “mode” the first thing it will ask you is if you need directions, this is when you would type in your directions, after this a voice device, like Siri, will give you instruction. Unlike the maps now when in “mode” nothing will appear on your phone screen until you have reached the destination and also the voicing device will give you a way more advice warning to where you have to go. In “mode” you will still be able to play music just by simply asking the voice to play the music you wish, you will also be able to change songs by voice command. By eliminating any chance a driver, or passenger, can access their phone and become distracted will save lives. Some may dislike the fact that even passengers will not have access to their device but this eliminates the chance of them showing the driver something and making them take their eyes off of the road. “Mode” would be automatically be set up into phones right when you receive it.