Juan C


Blood Blood on the cement Glass shards everywhere I can hear my heart beating Why is it beating so fast? I can’t move I can’t move my head I can’t move my arms I’m scared Car headlights flashing I hear ticking What happened? Where’s my car? I can smell gasoline My vision is getting blurry I don’t understand Help me That’s a lot of blood Is it mine? I’m feeling warm and tingly I want to scream I can’t scream Why can’t I scream? My phone, where is it? I can’t see it Calm down, breathe There it is, it’s shattered but close I need to text dad back Wait Dad I was driving I got a text Dad, I texted him I began to type and then I wake up here It was so quick I need to get home How far am I from the house? Oh my god, am I dying? I must be I don’t want to die alone Why me? How will my family find me? My mom and dad they’ll be waiting for me I can barely see now I hear my phone vibrating It must be my dad I miss him, I need him Oh god I’m not as warm now I feel cold So cold I don’t hear an ambulance I don’t hear anything at all Someone please help me I’m sorry Sorry for everything bad I’ve done in this life I’m so tired Cold -Silence-


Typically we hear how terrible texting and driving accidents are, reading many articles and facts. Never do we get to live in the perspective of the person involved in the accident. That pain, the regret, all of the thoughts running through that person’s mind in possibly their last moments on this earth.