Juan C

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Blood Blood on the cement Glass shards everywhere I can hear my heart beating Why is it beating so fast? I can’t move I can’t move my head I can’t move my arms I’m scared Car headlights flashing I hear ticking What happened? Where’s my car? I can smell gasoline My vision is getting blurry I don’t understand Help me That’s a lot of blood Is it mine? I’m feeling warm and tingly I want to scream I can’t scream Why can’t I scream? My phone, where is it? I can’t see it Calm down, breathe There it is, it’s shattered but close I need to text dad back Wait Dad I was driving I got a text Dad, I texted him I began to type and then I wake up here It was so quick I need to get home How far am I from the house? Oh my god, am I dying? I must be I don’t want to die alone Why me? How will my family find me? My mom and dad they’ll be waiting for me I can barely see now I hear my phone vibrating It must be my dad I miss him, I need him Oh god I’m not as warm now I feel cold So cold I don’t hear an ambulance I don’t hear anything at all Someone please help me I’m sorry Sorry for everything bad I’ve done in this life I’m so tired Cold -Silence-