Just Drive

trier S

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We meet in the third grade Both new to the school In no time at all we were inseparable my name was always linked to yours We were always together We dreamed of our future, Collected memories Laughed about our past Dreamed of our future We were Inseparable Shared our major milestones Our circle of friends grew we were still the “Two” Then high school, sports, driving, prom Graduating, College plans, we had it all Summer was running out, Soon we would leave in the fall inseparable We were driving, laughing, texting sharing a moment. Our favorite songs were blaring Life was so fun and carefree We took a selfie. I looked over to see the phone . It only took a second . I looked up to respond to you The smile slipped from your face . In an instant I knew. Glass, sirens, lights, rescue That moment was irreparable I killed my best friend. What I wouldn’t do to get that moment back To trade places with you I have to live knowing my foolish actions Robbed you and your family of unseen life my world is dark without you Now grief and I are the ones Who are Inseparable