Let’s Get Home SAFE!

Elizabeth H



We all have someone we love or miss It may sometimes come to your mind in a hiss We may have some days that are really important to us And we need to get there in a rush We miss breakfast, lunch or dinner, We text or talk on the phone We put on makeup to see our inner We check if anyone is there or at home We drive and drive To get to our destination We hope to see no emotion or anger But when we do other things and drive We put ourselves and others in danger But we don’t see this wager Let us put these objects down Let us lock these objects up Somewhere we can’t open or reach Let us focus on these objects some other time When we are out of the car in a chime We can spend a dime or dine Some other time Turn off and leave you’re phone If you really want to go home A few seconds is what it’ll only take Before you realize to step on those breaks Drugs and alcohol shouldn’t be consumed Because it’ll put you in your doom Your sense in logic will be gone Before you know the words to this song So let’s get home safe and alive So you can have some time to do whatever you like And be alright