When My Life Changed

Caitlyn K

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Mom, your bad habits are rubbing off on me. Growing up, you always told me “do as I say not as I do.” My whole life changed today! This little screen in my hand is the reason my life changed. I made a huge mistake by taking one down look down at my phone while driving. I didn’t know how close I was to the stoplight. I slammed into the back of a black SUV. My best friend just screamed my name as loud as she could. I never moved. All she could do was scream when the ambulance reached us. When we got the hospital the doctor did all they could to save my life, I went through nine surgeries. I was holding on for my family. I didn’t want my mother to blame herself for what happened. I didn’t want my father to be out drinking every night. I didn’t want my little sister to wonder why mama wasn’t getting out of bed, or why daddy didn’t stay sober much, or why her big sister wasn’t coming home. She would sit in her bed all day and ask herself that if she did something that made sissy leave and not come back. I did all I could to make sure that I went back home with my family. Two months later, I was back home in my bed. But I learned a very valuable lesson. Please kids don’t drive while distracted, please pull over.