Stay In Charge

Grayson W

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“In Charge” is a product idea to help drivers leave their phones out of the way. Basically, it looks like a mini car seat for your smartphone. The idea is that even if people know that distracted driving is dangerous, they have no incentive to put their phones away, and the only thing stopping them from texting while driving is their own willpower. To give people a real incentive to put their phones away, In Charge has a little charging plug that charges your phone while you drive. When people plug in their phones, it won’t charge until the mini seatbelt is locked in (it wouldn’t be too hard to make the seatbelt a switch that activates the charger). Since the seatbelt also locks the phone in place, when people use the product to charge their phones, they also make it difficult to grab their phone while driving. By creating a real incentive for people to put their phones aside (charging it), people will want to have their phones off of them while driving.