Katherine M

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What’s important? This moment. It’s a Friday night, and it feels like it. There’s a breeze blowing through the car, and it lifts the weight of the world off your shoulders. What’s important? Your friends. They’re in the car with you-laughing, smiling, and singing to your favorite song. They sound awful, but this is the best moment of your life. What’s important? The happiness in your heart. Senior year hasn’t been easy, but it doesn’t seem like that now. Right now, you feel invincible. What’s important? Duh, the whole reason you’re driving right now. The party at Craig’s house, remember? Only a few stoplights to go. What’s important? “Getting there before the party’s over!” One of your friends jokes. You begin to speed up, there’s only a few stoplights to go. You’ll make it. What’s important? The buzz of your smartphone. You instinctively reach for it. You’ve mastered texting and driving at this point. “What’s more important?” Your friend asks you, and you don’t understand. She replies, “Our safety.” but you wave off her comment. All you want to do is check- What’s important? Your phone. “No, no it’s not!” Your friend shouts, as a car collides with yours. Your horrified yell gets washed out in the sound of all your friends screams. What’s important? The few seconds you have to save your friends lives. The car is spinning off the road, and you brace your friend against their seat with your arm. I guess seat belts didn’t seem important either. What’s important? Your friends. They’re in the car with you-crying, shaking, sobbing. This is the worst moment of your life. What’s important? The sound of ambulance as it gets closer and closer. You see blood seeping from your friend’s wounds, and suddenly you don’t feel invincible anymore. You don’t feel anything, really. “What’s more important?” “Our safety.”. Those words echo in your head endlessly on the way to the hospital. You should have never touched your phone. What’s most important? The sound of your friends shallow breathing. It’s not much, but it means they’re all alive. That’s better than some stupid buzz of a smartphone.