I Wish I Would’ve

Elizabeth S


I wish I would’ve spoken up Against the notifications tempting you Or the giggles from the back seat And other distractions we let through I wish I would’ve stopped you When you would glance down at the screen Eager to answer the call or text Whether the light was red or green I wish I would’ve understood That the risk outweighed the thrill Those days of speeding were foolish To end with a hospital bill I wish I would’ve buckled up And that you’d have done the same We wouldn’t have been hurt so bad With only us to blame I wish I would’ve known That we were going to crash that day I wouldn’t have lost my best friend To a corpse with nothing to say


A few years ago, a childhood friend of mine lost her life due to reckless driving. Losing someone close was shocking and had an immediate impact on me regarding the seriousness of poor decision making when behind the wheel. My poem is a representation of the actions that could be used to stop reckless behavior, as well as provide a dramatic effect of the considerable loss due to distracted driving.